Inner or outer vaginal laxity is common in women during pregnancy or due to age. While vaginal canals stretch during childbirth and shrink back to normal but women may feel relaxed or loose vagina. Some women also experience incontinence, drooping of outer labia because collagen production slows and skin elongates. This can be treated by RF (radiofrequency), which tightens inner and outer muscles as well. There is no need of numbing or anesthesia during this procedure and it takes only 15 to 30 minutes. Some patients may experience mild cramps for 24 hours after procedure.

How RF works?

Radiofrequency energy can be used to tighten the inner and outer vaginal area. RF energy creates heat deep within tissues to stimulate collagen production to firm sagging skin and muscles within the vaginal canal. The hand piece, which is a thin probe with an RF energy emitting tip, will be inserted into the vagina and gently moved back and forth, gradually getting up tissue. The hand piece can also be applied to the outer labia.

When are results visible?

You can see visible results after 1 sitting of this procedure. But this process is not permanent. Patients have to visit for the procedure after every 4-12 months. If there is pregnancy or childbirth then results can be affected.

Ideal Condition for the treatment

If you have dry vagina, feel pain during intercourse, feeling sexual dissatisfaction, outer laxity of labia then you can have this treatment.

Side effects

There are no such side effects but in some patients redness, tenderness, swelling, spotting, cramps or discharge can be visible for 24 hours. 

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*Individual results and downtime may vary.